January 25, 2020

Money Alerts

Be Aware!

Money Scams and Swindles

Money Alerts 1Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people in the world, those who are unafraid and unabashed about perpetrating ways to separate you from your money. There is a seemingly endless array of ways people have invented to scam people out of their money via the Internet, and many of these involve job or money-making schemes. These scams prey on the out-of-work, undereducated, elderly and low-income people who legitimately are trying to find ways to augment their income.

Most of these scams work because they require the “worker” to purchase some kind of kit or materials or supplies upfront. Note that no credible job offer will ever require that you make purchases as a condition of employment.

Following are some of the top scams of this nature:

  1. Assembling craft projects
  2. Medical billing
  3. Email processing
  4. Home worker list (where you pay for a list of companies looking for at-home workers)
  5. 900-Numbers (where you are charged  to call and find out about information on the job)
  6. Typing at home
  7. Envelope stuffing

Money Alerts 2Not all scams involve work. Others include:

  1. Sending money to release funds from an account
  2. Magazine subscriptions (selling non-existent contracts with magazine)
  3. Investment frauds (selling typically non-existent securities)
  4. Bank auditor fraud (bank auditor phones looking for help apprehending a bank employee, including your account information.
  5. Travel scams (usually announces you are a prize winner, but you have to pay to claim the prize)

The rules of commonsense apply, “if something is too good to be true, it probably is.” Never give money in exchange for a prize or a job or access to funds. Never give credit card information over the phone. Always ask for credentials, and investigate any questionable offers before handing over your money.