December 11, 2019

About Catherine Eagan Header

Catherine Eagan Catherine Eagan is the CEO and President of Catherine Eagan Enterprises, LLC (CEEL) that includes the Wealthy Women Club and Conferences.  The Wealthy Women Club is a financial training and consulting company dedicated to helping women gain “financial intelligence”. An international organization, it is comprised of women in all 50 US states and some 60 countries around the world.

Eagan is an experienced and trusted voice empowering women with economic hope, solutions, and business opportunities.  Thousands of women worldwide look to her to share financial strategies to help them deal with the current economic chaos and still achieve financial success. 

She is a sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and world-renowned financial expert, having managed an accumulative portfolio of over $250 million.  Her practical, down-to-earth approach is geared towards helping her audiences learn how to apply financial principles and achieve success.   
Eagan backs her commitment with her own money.  

She has personally underwritten the cost of a International Wealthy Women’s 40-city tour, where she is training women in financial strategies and capital preservation.  She carried her economically empowering message to women in Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, and the Caribbean and it is free to all, men and women.  

Every Monday night at 8pm EST for the past 4 years, Catherine has held 1-hour financial education training and has trained over 50,000.  Her question and answer format has provided  “just in time” solution based responses in areas of retirement, estate planning, new business development, business rescues, technical support to close pending deals.  One caller from Atlanta, Georgia was able to close a $2.9 million deal after participating on one call.  

In her audiences are women from all walks of life, including the unemployed, students, single parents, widows, budding entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, corporate executives, and NBA, NFL, MLB, and heads of state wives. 

Catherine is a sought after international speaker, best-selling author, world-renowned financial expert, and ordained minister. She is often a keynote speaker for Fortune 100 companies.

As the first African-American Private Banker and Officer to one of Michigan’s largest banks, she financed and managed assets of high net worth individuals.  With over 25 years of financial experience, she has managed a cumulative portfolio of over $250 million.  A graduate of Simmons College and Harvard University Catherine is also a highly successful entrepreneur.   

For her work in eradicating poverty, she has received numerous awards and citations from non-profit organizations, churches, and municipalities.

Mrs. Eagan was born in New York, lived in Trinidad and Tobago, and now resides with her husband, Dr. J. Victor Eagan, an internationally acclaimed orthodontist in Orchard Lake, Michigan and Boca Raton, Florida.  Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and playing golf.